Sunday, July 2, 2017


By Cash Michaels

            WE’RE PAYING THE PRICE -  If you were among the five million in North Carolina last November who voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton for president, congratulations. I hope you’re happy, because you’ve officially elected a nut-job to preside over all of us for the net three-and-a-half years ( though many suggest that at the rate he’s going, Trump won’t last that long).
            Let’s face it, Donald Trump’s behavior has always been one taco short of a combination plate, but within the past two weeks, the word “bizarre” comes to mind when thinking about the way the 45th president of the United States has been acting.
            By now everyone knows about, and have shaken their heads off over Trump’s crude and sexist tweets about MSNBC personality Mika Brezinski, and the apparently false allegation that she had a facelift that was “bleeding” when she and boyfriend Joe Scarborough (also her MSNBC cohost on “Morning Joe”) visited Trump a few months ago at his Mar-a-lago retreat in Palm Beach.
            And of course, in followup tweets, the president called her “dumb as a rock” and other stuff that’s beneath the dignity of the high office that he was inexplicably elected to.
            Then, last Sunday, the man seemingly loses it completely, tweeting out a 2007 video of him fake clobbering World Wrestling Entertainment Pres. Vince McMahon outside of a ring, but superimposing the CNN insignia over McMahon’s face, making it look like he is actually beating up a major cable news organization.
            It was no surprise when folks began accusing Trump of trying to incite violence against the press. And now CNN, and other news organizations, are very concerned about the safety of their personnel.
            And should be.
            MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow said last week that what Trump is actually doing is trying to distract his critics from the fact that things really aren’t getting done by his White House. Republican repeal and replace of Obamacare has virtually collapsed. Though the US Supreme Court has partially upheld his travel ban against several Muslim nations, it’s not the clear and “total” legal victory he boasts it is.
            Tremendous heat is being brought to bare over the federal investigation into possible Trump campaign collusion with the Russians  in last year’s presidential campaign. And diehard Trump-lovers are looking stupider and stupider for supporting a failed lunatic who has clearly lost his mind to the point that no one trusts the fact that he has his finger on the nuclear button.
            So yes, we are ALL paying a very big price, indeed. A wise man once said elections do have consequences. The idea is that you know what those consequences are in advance, and then try your best to turn out your folks at the polls on Election Day so that those consequences never come to past.
            Now I’ll admit, even I thought that ole Trump would calm down somewhat after taking the oath of office. Sure I expected him to do a lot of things I just won’t like, but I did not expect that he would lose his marbles in the process.
            Nor did you, quite frankly.
            So now the only ones who could put Trump out of business are his fellow Republicans in Congress…that is if the Robert Mueller investigation doesn’t do it first.
            Bottomline is our nation’s leader and the most powerful man on the planet is running amok, and teaching us important lessons in the process.
            I hope we’re paying close attention. And I certainly hope that we all survive this perilous episode in American history, and collectively vow to make sure that it never happens again.

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