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By Cash Michaels

            SAVING MY LIFE [PART 4] – Merry Christmas, and I truly hope that Almighty GOD is blessing you and yours as we all celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
            For the past several weeks, I’ve been sharing with you how GOD has guided my recovery from a debilitating stroke in 2014; and from a diagnosis of acute leukemia in March 2016.
            That recovery involved me changing my attitude, changing my diet, and changing how I treat my body…all centered on improving my relationship with GOD, and going back to church so that His inspiration would carry through my changes.
            The result after six months?  My health is definitely better (blood pressure and blood sugar are normal); I’ve lost over 50 lbs; and I feel much better and confident about myself.
            Now don’t get me wrong…I still have problems and challenges, but at least, with GOD’s blessing and mercy, and LESSONS, I’m better able to deal with them.
            My love for, and faith in Jesus Christ, tells me that HE wants me to TAKE BETTER CARE OF MYSELF, to have more confidence in myself as a child of GOD, and that I am responsible for properly maintaining the temple that HE has given me.
To do that, I MUST eat properly in order to live properly (eat to live, NOT live to eat as I was before). by paying close attention (as best as i can in this society given all of the garbage that passes for food), i should wean myself off of sugar (which is as addictive as cocaine, many say) animal fats (except for nuts), and excessive sodium (truth be told, I'm still working on that one, but at least my blood pressure has gone down with the loss of weight).
Doing the above, supplementing with fruit, romaine salads every day, protein (plant, fish or chicken), and lots of water, and eating for mostly purpose, not for only ceremony, has added years to my life, I'm convinced.
Paying close attention to what I'm eating, and how much of it, is also VERY important, which is why I don't watch TV and eat at the same time anymore (I may snack on fruit or nuts, but TV would get me emotionally hyped-up to the point that I would have no idea how much I was eating, or getting up to go back to the kitchen during commercial breaks. Plus, the daily news about Trump was making me too anxious, so I've stopped watching as much television news).
Knowing, and working to improve myself spiritually, emotionally and physically has ABSOLUTELY made me feel better about myself, and consequently, I'm praying more too!
YES, I ask my Heavenly Father for things...mostly for others in my life. I ask for HIM to continue bless friends and family, but most of all, I spend a great deal of time THANKING GOD for HIS blessings in my life, and in the lives of those I love and cherish. Thanking GOD is part of the feel good process for me, because gratitude to GOD for ALL that HE has done, and IS DOING in our lives, IS ESSENTIAL for any of it to truly mean anything!
And, when you know that GOD's blessings are working in your life, and the lives of those you love and cherish, that gives you the balance you've always been seeking. You're able to weather your tough times better! Better to see more clearly when the devil is working to stop you, and who he is working through to do it.
Your understanding of the world around is so, so much better, especially your place in it!
You understand your personal mission better, and you're more determined to see it through, because your faith in, and strength through GOD, is what powers you.
Merry Christmas to you and yours, and GOD bless you and your family. PART FIVE next week!

by Cash Michaels
contributing writer

            It was the year of recovering from the 2016 election of Donald Trump; when a Democratic governor came into office in North Carolina, bitterly opposed by GOP lawmakers;  and a prominent black leader gained national prominence as he stepped away from the NCNAACP.
            Those were just some of the top stories impacting North Carolina’s African-American community we covered in 2017. In Part One, here’s a look  at an eventful January through March.
January – Wake Superior Court Judge Michael Morgan is sworn-in to the NC Supreme Court, making him the second African-American to currently serve. Democrat Roy Cooper is sworn-in as governor, having unseated Republican Pat McCrory in the November 2016 election. Gov. Cooper immediately fulfills a campaign promise, choosing one of the most diverse gubernatorial Cabinets and administrations in North Carolina history. Meanwhile the director of the International Civil Rights Museum in Greensboro alleges to the Black Press that the facility is not being treated fairly by the City Council or Duke Energy.
            At the urging of NC Republican legislative leaders, the Us Supreme Court ordered a hold on any redrawing of the 2011 redistricting maps, as originally ordered by a special federal three-judge panel after the November 2016 elections. Gov. Cooper and Republican legislative leaders get into a war of words over repealing the controversial HB2 so-called “bathroom bill,” in addition to the NC General Assembly passing laws during a special session in Dec. 2016 that stripped the Democratic governor of many of his powers. Cooper sued the legislature, as a result.
            Gov. Cooper appoints Durham Rep. Larry Hall, 61, to become secretary of veteran and military affairs, adding to the eventual large number of African-Americans serving in the governor’s Cabinet. As outgoing President Barack Obama prepares to leave office after eight years, North Carolinians dread the inauguration of Republican Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States.
            A new study denotes that Black women are dying of cervical cancer at an alarming 77 percent rate higher to white women.
February – The NCNAACP blasts Pres. Trump’s false assertions of voter fraud. Duke Prof. Timothy B. Tyson makes national headlines with his new book, “The Blood of Emmett Till,” when the Mississippi white woman whose husband killed the black Chicago teenager in 1956, admits for the first time that the 14-year-old did nothing wrong. The NCNAACP-led Forward Together Movement holds it’s 11th Annual HK on J Moral March on Raleigh and People’s Assembly. The GOP-led state Senate demands to vet Gov. Cooper’s Cabinet officers before approving them to serve. Gov. Cooper appoints Col. Glenn McNeil as commander of the NC Highway Patrol. Chancellors and presidents from North Carolina’s HBCU’s meet with Pres. Trump, and GOP lawmakers.
March – US Attorney Gen. Jeff Sessions announces that the US Justice Dept will no longer legally fight against voter ID laws. The NCNAACP and National NAACP Pres. Cornell Brooks call for an international economic boycott of North Carolina because of “repressive” policies by the Republican-led NC legislature. HBCU presidents and chancellors begin to doubt Trump administration promises to their schools. Emboldened by the Trump Administration, hate groups increase across the country.
Rock and roll icon Chuck berry dies at age 90. The Winston-Salem Chronicle is sold by founder/publisher Ernie Pitt. The controversial HB2 “bathroom bill” is repealed, shows and sporting events begin returning to North Carolina after a boycott. Kalvin Michael Smith, who supporters said was falsely convicted and imprisoned for a crime he didn’t commit, is shot after he’s released from prison, ans is listed in serious condition.

By Cash Michaels

            A Raleigh attorney who has represented the NC Republican Party in defending voter ID and racial gerrymandering, is now in hot water for allegedly lying to the Senate Judiciary Committee that approved his Trump nomination to the federal bench.
            Atty. Thomas Farr, up for the lifetime appointment to federal judgeship of US District Court in the Eastern District of North Carolina, cleared the committee last month with flying colors, but before the full Senate votes to approve his judicial nomination, new questions have come up about Farr’s role in the 1990 campaign of the late Republican Senator Jesse Helms, and to what extent did Farr involve himself in a “ballot security” scheme designed to intimidate black voters statewide during Helm’s racially divisive 1990 US Senate campaign against black Democratic challenger, Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt.
            One hundred-thousand “ballot security” postcards were sent to black Democratic voters statewide from the NC Republican Party, warning them falsely that if they tried to vote in precincts they were not registered in, they were “ineligible” to cast a ballot, and could be arrested and thrown in jail,
            Farr was the lead counsel for the Helms’ campaign in 1990. Last September, he told Senate Judiciary Committee that he knew nothing about the ballot security postcards until after the US Justice Dept sent a letter to the campaign about it.
            But a former US Justice Dept. attorney, Gerald Hebert, told the Independent Weekly Newspaper of Durham last week that per his investigation at the time, Farr took part in a key meeting before any letter was sent to the campaign by federal authorities.
            And yet, Farr is on record telling Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Se. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) “No” when  she asked him, “While you were serving as lead counsel to the 1990 Helms for Senate Committee, the Justice Department filed a complaint in federal court charging the campaign with intimidating black voters in violation of the Voting Rights Act of 1965?”
“The complaint alleged that the campaign sent over 100,000 postcards to mainly African-American voters suggesting that they were ineligible to vote and that voting could lead to criminal prosecution for voter fraud. Did you provide any counsel, or were you consulted in any way, about the content of or the decision to send these postcards?" Feinstein continued.
A transcript  show attorney Farr replying, “"I was not aware that the cards had been sent until they had been sent and the manager of the Helms Committee received a letter about the cards from the Voting Rights Section of the United States Department of Justice,. The manager of the Helms Committee then called me for legal advice."
US Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) has now asked the US Justice Dept. for a 1991 memo that outlines the ballot security scheme, and allegedly places Farr  right in the middle of it.
“It is clear to me that this memo is essential in determining whether Mr. Farr misled the Senate Judiciary Committee, Booker wrote in a letter to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.
Strong opposition to Farr’s judicial nomination has come from both North Carolina congress-people, G. K. Butterfield and Alma Adams, and from the NCNAACP.


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